Mary Miranda White, M.A., NCC - Counseling Services   1115 Grant Street, G-3, Denver, CO 80203
My style in working with individuals is to create a therapeutic relationship built on
a strong rapport, trust and a sense of safeness and security. I will provide you
with an environment that is non-judgmental, compassionate, and honest. My goal
is to assist you in the process of personal growth and change and help you find
the solutions you need to adapt and thrive in your everyday life.
I am passionate about providing counseling to individuals, couples, and families
as I believe it can be life changing. However, I have found that each client is
unique and so I use an eclectic approach to therapy and techniques such 
as Client Centered, Cognitive Behavioral, Strength Based, and
Solution Focused Therapies which will be tailored to your specific needs.
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